Questions for Douglas Kennedy, author of “Five Days”

In anticipation of the November 25 release of my novel, The Perfect Mother, I had the opportunity to pick the brain of bestselling author, Douglas Kennedy. Here’s what he divulged on the art of noveling, his trademark heroines, and the circumstances that keep us tethered to our own unhappiness. Five Days is his latest novel.

Five Days centers around a woman who is in stasis. She is dissatisfied, but unable to imagine a departure from the only life she knows. Is Five Days meant to inspire readers to bravely pursue change in their own lives?

Pop […]

Questions for William Landay, author of “Defending Jacob”

Your book, Defending Jacob, features a father who will do anything to save his son. My book, The Perfect Mother portrays a mother who will do anything to save her daughter. Both parents ignore whatever clues they don’t want to see. And in both cases, the spouse is more suspicious. Do you think it’s a parent’s obligation to defend his or her child at any cost?

No, certainly not. Of course every parent has a duty to her children, to love and support them, but every parent also has a duty […]