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Book clubs that will be featuring The Perfect Mother:

  • Literary Guild
  • Doubleday Book Club
  • Romance Book Club
  • Mystery Guild
  • Quality Paperback Book Club

Book Club Discussion Guide for
The Perfect Mother

  1. Do you think Jennifer is a perfect mother? Does she think so? Do her children?
  2. How do society and the media encourage women to strive for the chimera of being “perfect” mothers? How would you define a good mother?
  3. Is there a difference between unconditional love and blind faith in your child? What is unconditional love and is it really ever possible?
  4. What is a mother’s responsibility in the face of a possible serious crime by her child? What would you do?
  5. Jennifer has given up her career to raise her children. Her own self worth is tied up in her children’s success. How much does this affect her refusal to see any flaws in Emma? In her marriage? In herself?
  6. Jennifer is learning that she never knew her daughter as well as she thought she did. Do any of us really know our children when they are adults? Do they know us? Do they want to?
  7. There are multiple versions of what happened to the murdered Spanish student. By the end of the book, whose story do you believe? Do you think the whole story still hasn’t come out? What does Jennifer finally believe?
  8. Do you see parallels in this story with the true story of Amanda Knox? What is your opinion of that case? Do you think she is guilty? Why do we care?
  9. Do you like Mark’s character and role in the story? What responsibility does he bear for Emma’s problems? What responsibility does he bear for his marital problems?
  10. What do you think of the relationship between Jennifer and Roberto? Did you hope they would stay together or did you want to see Jennifer go back to Mark and her family?
  11. What is your prediction of what will happen next in this family? What will become of Emma? Will Mark and Jennifer stay together?